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Basel is a city in Switzerland that lies on the Rhine River. It is known for its vibrant culture, gothic cathedrals, scenic views and rich in art and theatre. You can also explore a large number of Museums in the city which have contributed to the growth of tourists here over the past years. Explore this beautiful city by traveling through Delta Airlines Flights and have a memorable journey. Below are the few attractions to witness in Basel.

Old Town

While going through various parts of the old city, you will see the stone streets, medieval churches, old homes and fountains that are beautifully maintained and painted. You will also get to see a pool of water, fountains, and museums that you can explore one after one. Local guides will tell you the history and lead you to major destinations here. This amazing tour with Delta Airlines Reservations will give you amazing travel packages.

Rathaus and Marktplatz

Marketplatz is in the old town where you will find the local market selling flowers, food specialties, and items. The bright red Rathaus is in the square with its colorful painted exterior. As you enter the courtyard, you will see impressive paintings that you would love to see. So, book your tour with surprising Delta Airlines Deals that provides your cheaper price on a flight booking.

Kunstmuseum Basel

Kunstmuseum Basel is an Art Museum that boasts the finest collection of paintings in Switzerland and represents modern art. You can also see the art of Dutch and French paintings. A perfect spot for art-enthusiast to explore the diverse range of art collection. It is the time now to go and check Delta Airlines Official Site so that you get the best discounts available on a journey to Basel.

Zoologischer Garten

This Zoo is locally known as Zolli which gives you access to see the exotic species of the land. You will see the variety of European animals such as seahorses, elephants, predators, mammals, reptiles and aquatic life. It will also allow you to see the rare rhinoceros and cheetah so, it is an ideal place to visit with family.

Travel Apps that you need to install on your Phone

There are multiple travel apps available both for android and apple phones. Choosing the best amongst all the online apps is a difficult task. Some of the applications will be of a lot of help, on the other hand, other applications are not worth the download. In this blog, we will understand which blog is worth keeping in your mobile and can be helpful for your trip. For a great travel experience make reservations with Delta Airlines Reservations and enjoy a superb journey.

The number of travel apps

There are plenty of travel apps that can be useful during your vacation. Some of them are enlisted below. Further to enjoy a great journey, take flight with Delta Airlines Flights and experience something like never before.

Google Translate:  If you are making a journey to a place where you do not understand the language, Google’s free translation app can be extremely useful. You just have to type the words that have to be translated and pick the necessary language and your job will be done.

XE Currency:  There is plenty of currency conversion app, but XE is the clear winner. Choose the different currency that you would like to convert like dollar, peso, baht, etc and pick the one that you would prefer to use at present.

Wi-Fi Map: This application helps to locate the nearest wi-fi connection, wherever you travel. The only requirement is password and it shows little over a mile the network connection. In the case of the paid version, it downloads the entire city’s wi-fi map.

Tripit:  It is an extremely popular app as it helps in tracking complex itineraries without typing the details of flight, hotel and car rental manually. If the booking is done online, you just have to forward the confirmation details to Tripit. It will recognize and update the itinerary.

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