Top Most Destination that One Must Visit in Latin America

Latin America which is located in the South of the United States is full of upscale destinations that are alluring and beautiful. Starting from an ancient civilization, breathtaking natural beauty and colonial architecture extend from Mexico to Patagonia. The charisma of Latin culture lures luxury-loving vacationers. One can enjoy world-class cuisine, outdoor adventure and enjoy relaxation somewhere.

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Costa Rica

It is rightfully considered as an eco-minded destination. Visit sustainable deep hotels in the cloud forest or go to a secluded beach to experience the country of Pura Vida in style. The half of Costa Rican land is protected so it is an ideal place to be with nature. One can get into outdoor activities or enjoy a laid-back vibe.


It has a historic appeal and is bringing an increasing number of luxury-minded travelers searching for a great place. Here one can browse world-class art galleries, shop for fashionable clothing by Colombian designers and enjoy a spa-like treatment in a chic boutique hotel.


Lima which is the capital of Peru has drawn everyone starting from ancient Incas to Spanish conquerors to its shore for centuries. One can wander by plaza mayor’s colonial building to cathedrals that date back to the 16th century. The metropolis is must-visit luxury-loving vacationers and is packed with finer things that can be enjoyed by travelers interested in luxuries.

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Arica is a beautiful city in Chile and also a perfect spot for people looking for a peaceful holiday. If you have started planning everything, it is time to add some exciting places that must be included in your travel bucket list while visiting Arica. Also, always remember to make reservations via Delta Airlines official site. This will be helpful in grabbing the best deal as well as saving your time and effort to get an amazing package for Arica. Given below are some of the amazing places to visit when in Arica:

La Cuevas de Anzota

The path in total is twelve kilometers long. You will find the beach, the blue skies, and many caves along your way and till the destination. You can walk, bike, or drive your way to the end. We suggest you do either of the first two to get the most natural experience of animal life, the breeze, and the path. Check out some exciting Delta Airlines deals that will help you in getting the easy-peasy money-saving deal!

 Mirador Cerro de la Cruz


For those of us who are always looking for great perspectives and views, this place satisfied our dreams.

You will be able to see the city stretching beneath you, with El Morro and the beautiful coastline sprawled for you to feast your eyes on. Complete all the delta airlines reservations today so as to begin your planning and packing stage. It is important to note that early flight booking will always bear you fruitful results!

Museum of the Sea

You will get to know about the sea creatures that call these regions their home with the help of the tour guides who will be happy to assist you. As you walk around, a path will lead you out to the many promenades that Arica has. This museum is kind of small, but do not let that stop you from dropping by.

Paseo 21 de Mayo

After a long and eventful day at the beach, there is nothing better than having a nice meal and getting some shopping done. The street here interacts with many lanes that are all decked out with quaint cafes, stalls, and shops you just can’t get enough of. As the sun sinks behind you, you can buy all the bracelets and sunglasses you fancy here.